Scott Kiloby: Take a look to see if it is findable

The next time you find a teacher or anyone inviting you to a deeper realm of consciousness, take a look to see if it is findable, if it is inherently here. Look at every word, picture, sensation or emotion it could be. Look at the screen of the video of the person telling you that you haven’t found this deeper realm yet. Is that image it? Are any of the words being spoken it? How about the sensation you feel while watching. Is that it, or is it just a buzzing feeling? Where is it? It could just be that the teacher himself bought into some concepts and started believing them, making something out of nothing, which just keeps you chasing these ideas. Every time we are fooled into this kind of thinking, we are quietly lulled into a new game of seeking for something out beyond our reach. In the year 2020, there will probably be more concepts invented that indicate you aren’t there yet. Deconstruct these things first before you buy into them. These are often just constructions of thought soaked up by the speaker himself. Take a look. That’s my gentle suggestion.

– Scott Kiloby

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