Scott Kiloby: You know how to respond

About once every few weeks I do a session with someone who has looked deeply using these inquiries and can’t find anything and then has this dire sort of existential question like “What’s the point” or “Is life meaningless” or “if all is awareness, then nothing matters.” It’s like landing again, as if the ultimate nature of reality is made of meaninglessness. Nice story, but it’s not findable either. So wherever they have landed, we look for that. We look for meaninglessness. We look for awareness. We look for “nothing” or “nothing matters.”

But you see, once you go this deep, look around. It’s all still appearing. Everything you couldn’t find is still appearing yet it a more mirage-like manner. It just doesn’t exist in the way you thought. For example, you see that you know yourself as a self or a person who is like this or that ONLY because those thoughts arise. And as the velcro is undone on all these things, the suffering is relieved. How does one live life from that point? It’s a no brainer if you notice. You knew how to sign on to facebook to read this post. That’s how life is lived. You knew how to brush your teeth this morning. You know how to respond in conversation. You still know that you either like this song or not, or that food or not, or whatever. It all still happens. Meaning is rendered differently, more like a very temporary story placed in the moment that then disappears. Nothing permanent. Enjoy! The only reason we don’t enjoy this stuff is because we think it is inherently here, like “I really am a loser” or “life really is meaningless.” We stop. We land. And we think we where have landed is somehow really true or really findable. It’s not, if we look.

– Scott Kiloby

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