Session w Barry on drama, tragedy, self-desctructive impulse

A brief summary of the most recent session with Barry:

Topics: A pull towards tragedy and drama, a pull towards self-destruction, has been brought more into awareness lately.

Belief: You will never have a good life. Nothing you can do will change it. You will not get what you want.

B: You have to go to the darkest places in human consciousness, cosmic evil, in order to walk in Christ consciousness on this earth. Once you can penetrate it, will open it up for everyone else.

B: Ask what you need to see about this. What is it about? What is it’s nature?

Me: (a) A point in the heart. Then whole heart, black heart. (b) This pull towards tragedy/drama/self-destruction is necessarily to create this whole illusion of a world, beings, separation, a key to make it happen. It’s a natural/inevitable consequence of mind taking images and thoughts as true. (c) Comes from hurt, incarnation, disappointment, victim, loss, wound, bitterness. Loss of what was most valuable to me, most beautiful. (A loss of this in the incarnation.) (d) Inviting Christ into it, the darkest and densest areas. See what’s there. It’s illuminated by a dark light (feminine aspect of Christ). (e) Throat, contraction, cut off communication. Calves, tight, cold, cut off grounding. Pressure on head. (f) Very self-enclosed, wrapped in on itself, disconnected, unaware of the wider world/reality. It depends on isolation from the rest of the psyche, rest of the world, reality. (g) My attitude towards it makes it cut off. See it as wrong, bad, fear it. This attitude holds it in place.

B: Is it time for it to evolve? (Yes, gently.) How is it when seen from beyond the dualistic view? How would Christ see it? (As itself, as just a small dark place cut off from the rest.) What happens if it’s embraced as part of life, creation? (Relief. Trust.)

B: It’s the essence of the dark feminine.

Main points: Without it, the illusion couldn’t remain, born from and upholds the appearance of separation. Invite Christ with me into the dark.



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