Session w Pamela

Here are some brief notes from my session with Pamela Wilson yesterday.

Questions for parts of me:

Notice where awareness is drawn in this moment. See if anything is asking for your attention.

For the heart:

Do you know your strength?

Can we honor that strength.

Natural strength is welcome here. Divine strength is welcome here.

How vast are you? How deeply rooted?

Let all the cells in your body be nourished by it.

For spaciness (contraction in legs, throat):

Thank you for your protection.

What is your concern? What service are you providing?

You are welcome here.

To me, what I am:

Uncontain yourself, so the numbness, the hiding program, can see who you are.

A restlessness:

Honor it. It’s not sharing in the resting.

It’s safe to rest.

These are services, functions, apps, created as a child. (Within the belief in and appearance of a separate I).

Hold satsang with them, invite them to notice what’s real now, to relax. (They are welcome, because need their strength.)

Honor the signal from the body.

Before, these protected us playing a role. Now, they invite us to become a sage.

Thank it for how quickly it can return to its naturalness.

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