Understanding spirituality from a psychological perspective

This is another thing I keep coming back to. It’s fully possible to understand basic spirituality from an intuitive and simple psychological framework. It’s all about discovering what’s already here in immediate awareness. Here are some of these basics:

(a) As mind is identified with images and thoughts, these seem real, true and substantial, and I see, feel and act as if they are true. This is uncomfortable, and also not aligned with reality. These images and thoughts include the basic ones of a human being, a being in the world, and I with others, time, space, and so on.

(b) Supported by inquiry, meditation, prayer, or happening “out of the blue” awareness may awaken to itself. It finds that what “I” am is awareness, and the whole field of experience is awareness – including any appearances of a me and an I, a world, time, space, etc.

(c) At some point, there may also be a noticing of capacity of all of this, eventually followed by a shift of the center of gravity here.

This can all be understood from a simple psychological perspective. No special assumptions need to be made.

It doesn’t take much to notice that my whole world of experience is awareness. My whole world of appearances is awareness, including any sense of a me and I, any identification and non- identification, and so on. Even what appears as most real and solid is awareness itself. Sense field inquiries may be especially helpful here.

From here, it’s not such a big leap to notice that “I” am this awareness. The center of gravity may shift here, first in glimpses and perhaps later more stably.

And any images and thoughts of a “me” here supporting or creating this awareness (materialistic explanation) and of a material world somehow translated into this field of experience are also recognized as innocent questions, as images and thoughts, and something I cannot know for certain.

Note: I am of course aware of that many won’t agree. What for me is a simple and intuitive psychological perspective may seem different for others. And yet, it’s something to investigate. When I explore this through the sense fields, what do I find?

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