The part of me that feels – and is convinced it is – unloved and unlovable surfaced again this morning.

I can do all sorts of things in response to it. And yet, what feels most helpful now is quite simple, and very quiet and often wordless.

Notice there is already opening to it here. There is already opening to any content of experience – the unloved/unlovable, the struggle with it, the me/I appearing to struggle with it. (All as images.)

Notice it comes from a desire to protect this me/I. It comes from love, and it is love.

Find love for it. Wordless love. Meet it, hold it, in wordless love.

And sometimes, if mind is a little too noisy for the wordless…. You are welcome here. I am sorry for having pushed you away. I love you.

Invite it to see for itself what it really is. (What a thought may label protection, love, presence, awakeness.)

When this part of me – this subpersonality, aspect of the psyche, belief – is met in Satsang, with love, patience, loving and quiet inquiry, it has an opportunity to see for itself what’s more true. And as it feels more loved, I feel the same. What it feels, is what I feel. (Because it’s part of me.)

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