Hameed Ali: The process of inquiry is one of the safest methods of spiritual reveleation

 The process of inquiry, on the other hand, is one of the safest methods of spiritual revelation. What determines your inner movement is your own openness, your own application of your will, and the fact that you are not trying to get anywhere. Since you are just trying to see where you are, inquiry is responsive to your own needs in the moment and is naturally considerate of your own capacities and limitations. Inquiry is a gradual, guided approach that each does at his or her own pace. And because the guidance is attuned to you personally, what will arise and how much your true nature will reveal to you at any particular time will depend on your capacity and your situation. Nobody is pushing you to experience something in particular. And you are not trying to manipulate your own experience to channel it one way or another. These are the safeguards implicit in methods such as inquiry that are not oriented toward a particular goal and that are responsive to minute to minute changes in personal experience.

– Hameed Ali, Spacecruiser Inquiry

It’s a bit idealized, but the gist of it fits my experience. For most of us, including me, there is pushing and goal orientation involved in inquiry, and that’s a good thing. That too is something to bring to inquiry. For instance, I may have the thought that inquiry will get me something, and I can identify and inquire into that thought. Some beliefs here may be: Inquiry will make me a better person. God will be pleased with me if I do inquiry. Doing inquiry shows I am a sincere and good person. Inquiry will give me peace. Inquiry will give me enlightenment. It’s better to be clear than confused. It’s better to be enlightenment. What I am seeking is not here.

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