Fear of being trapped, fear of being alone

I keep noticing these parts of me, and hold satsang with them:

There is a fear of being trapped – in a relationship, work, place. A fear that if I go into something, I will have to stay in for the rest of my life.

There is a fear of being alone (unlovable, unloved). A fear of missing out.

There is a fear of being paralyzed, numbed, by these two other fears. A fear of not being able to move on (resolve it, heal it).

So I can hold satsang with each of these, one at a time.

Note: This is also a reminder that parts of me comes in pairs, as parts of a polarity, and that there is also a part watching it with it’s own concerns. All of these wish to be met with respect and love, they wish for their own healing and alignment with reality.


– fear of being trapped (in relationship, work, place)
– fear of being alone (unlovable, unloved)
– fear of being paralyzed, numb by this


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