Adyashanti: Spirit is weaning you off your addiction to the oomph

When you are born, you are a full human being. An infant is not half a human being. They are complete. They may not be able to do higher mathematics, or even talk to you. But if you really are with an infant…. this is a complete, perfect being. It won’t become more complete when it’s fifty years old and knows how to do lots of things. It’s complete now, and it was complete then.

It’s the same way when you come into your true nature. There is a sense of total completeness. You are complete. Even thought you are complete, and there is nothing more to become, and nothing more to do, like an infant is complete, it doesn’t mean there is not a maturing within that completeness. Spiritually it’s the same thing.

Part of the maturing can be coming into a dry, desolate area. You can go through desert phases. Where did all the juice go? It’s very desolate here. I want the oomph. I had the oomph. Where is the oomph? I want the juice.Sometimes, that’s just not what Spirit is doing. Spirit is weaning you off of your addiction to even the oomph, to even the juice.

– Adyashanti, The Ground of Infinity, part 5, 12-14 min.

This too very much fits my experience. For the first ten years or so of the initial opening, there was a lot of juice and oopmh. Then, it went away, and it is Spirit weaning me off the addiction to the juice.

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