Calling etc.

There are many ways of approaching “spirituality”.

It can be a calling, a deep and sincere wish to see beyond the veils created by images and thoughts taken as true.

This may come from curiosity. What happens if I do these practices, follow these pointers? What do I find?

It may come from love. A love for existence, God, life, truth, reality.

It may come from remembering, and a wish to return home.

It may come from a wish to be a good student, a good boy or girl. If I do the right thing, God (life, reality) will reward me.

It may come from a wish to build a certain image, and perhaps impress oneself and others.

It may come from a wish to find something to take refuge in. In this case, the images and thoughts about spirituality. (A form of escape.)

And more.

There are perhaps just two main approaches. One is a sincere wish – a draw, pull, calling – for reality to recognize itself and for this human self to live within that context. The other is whatever comes from taking images and thoughts as true – using spirituality for image-building, being a good boy/girl, finding refuge in something – images, thoughts – we cannot take refuge in etc.

And for all of us, I assume both are at play. There is nothing wrong in that. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful innocence.

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