Getting what I want

There are many layers to the topic of getting what I want.

The obvious one is to act in the world to find or get it, and this includes visualization and other “law of attraction” approaches.

I may also inquiry into beliefs saying it’s not possible, I don’t deserve it, something terrible will happen etc.

Another is to follow the wish or desire back to what it really is about, as far as it goes. This is a way to clarify strategies and needs. For instance, I may find that my strategy is to act so others will like me, what I really wish for is love, acceptance and approval, and there may be other ways for me to find that that are more satisfying and reliable.

To investigate this further, I can also inquire into any thoughts around this that feel stressful, such as:

I need…. (more money, her/him, this job, health, to live in that place).

I lost something valuable to me. I lost what was most important to me.

If I don’t get (….) I’ll be miserable. I’ll be unhappy. I won’t be fulfilled.

This is my last chance.

I can also hold satsang with these impulses in me – the ones wishing for something, the ones afraid I won’t have it, the ones experiencing and grieving loss and so on.

You are welcome here. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for your deep devotion to me, your love for me.

How would you like me to meet you?

What would satisfy you forever?

What are you really?

And I may find that what “the ego” really wants is Spirit. Any desire goes back to a desire, wish or longing for Spirit to notice itself, and for this human self to soak in that noticing, align with it, and live from it in the world.



– law of attraction (maybe heavy handed at first, then held lightly)
– inquire into beliefs saying it’s not possible, don’t deserve, something terrible will happen etc.
– follow the wish/desire back to what it really is about (strategies vs needs)
– what “the ego” really wants is Spirit – contentment, love, trust, coming home, a peace that is there independent of changing experiences etc.


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