Giving it over

Some ways I give it – whatever is here that’s untrue, that’s from beliefs – over to the divine.

I ask the divine/Christ how would you like me to be with you?

I hold satsang with the untrue (confused, wounded) parts of me, as they are here.

I fan the flame of my heart with attention, and bring myself and the untrue into the flame, allowing it to be seen through and burnt away by the divine, by it’s infinite love and wisdom.

I give it over to the divine/Christ, through intention and words. I invite the divine/Christ into the confused areas of my psyche, and to work on it from the inside.

I ask for support, guidance and willingness to invite in all of this, to surrender to it.

What’s really happening here is finding an intention to shift the center of gravity in how I relate to who I am and my life from the untrue – the beliefs, confusion, wounds, to what I am – to Big Mind/Heart/Belly. Another thing happening here is that I notice all of it, including the wounds and beliefs, as the divine. It was never not already the divine.

Writing it like this, it looks like I am very clear on this and consistently give whatever is here over to the divine. That’s not always the case. Sometimes, like the last few days, there is a lot of confusion here, and my willingness to give it all over to the divine is temporarily obscured. What I can ask for then is for guidance, support, and willingness.



– satsang with unloved/unlovable
– fan the flame of the heart with attention, bring myself + unloved/unlovable into it, anything not true, not in alignment with reality
– give it over to Christ + invite Christ into it, work on it from the inside


– satsang, flame of the heart, give it over to the divine

– ask the divine/Christ how it wants me to be with it


– giving it over to the divine/christ
– inviting the divine/christ into it, work on it from the inside (of the wound, confusion, knot)
– inviting the divine facet of reality/what i am, big mind/heart/belly


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