Heart area

About half a year ago, I started exploring the heart space above and to the right of the physical heart. At first, there was a cave there with a flame, and I could put my human self in the flame, allowing it to burn away anything not aligned with reality, and so on. After some weeks, the flame went into every cell and molecule of the body, and the cave appeared empty. Now, the cave is filled with the light of Christ – in a very way that’s very simple and ordinary.

There is also a sense of a mix of the head and belly centers there, and even of the golden and black luminosity. Placing my human self in the light of Christ, I notice how space itself – anywhere – is this light of Christ. Combining the passion and clarity of the head center, and the deep nurturing blackness of the belly center. I sometimes invite this light of Christ – infinitely wise and loving – into the darkest areas of the psyche and this human self, into the space and molecules of this human self, inviting it to work there.

And in this, there is also a noticing that the light of Christ is already there, and that what a thought may label a confused area of the psyche already is Christ, whether that’s noticed or not, and whether these areas of this human self are more or less consciously aligned with it.

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