Inner and outer

I don’t usually mention or think about this. It’s a long time since the words inner and outer had any meaning, apart from as a convenient shorthand in communication.

As soon as this world, the world as it appears to me, is recognized as awareness, the seamless quality of it comes to the foreground. It’s a seamless field, it’s all awareness, whether a thought labels its content a bird, a car, a mountain, a person, a cloud, fear, joy, tension, pleasure, an image, a thought. Inner and outer has no real meaning here. In immediate experience, there is no inner and outer.

And yet, the labels inner and outer can still be useful. They can be a useful shorthand to point to what’s happening in the wider world (tree, person, cloud), or what a thought would say belongs to this person in the world (sensations, images, emotions, the quiet voice etc.).

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