Love behind denial

Denial is one of those things that (a) may not be quite what it looks like and (b) has an undeservedly bad reputation.

What is denial really? Any belief includes a form of denial. As soon as an image or thought is held as true, there is a “denial” of (i) the validity of its reversals, (ii) the limited validity of the initial image or thought, and (iii) what reality really is, which is quite different from what any thought can point to (alth0ugh it could be said to be awakeness, presence, God).

Denial is inherent in any belief, in mind identifying with any image or thought, and it comes from an innocent with to protect this me, the image of a me as a human self in the world. It comes from love for this image of a me.

Denial also serves to portion out seeing so it doesn’t all come at once. It holds some things at bay until there is a readiness to take a closer look and address it.

So denial may not be exactly as it first appears, it may come from innocent love, and it serves to portion out seeing.



– denial, from love – wish to protect
– not quite ready to see, address
– life portioning it out
– and life inviting/nudging us to take a closer look, sometimes, through circumstances

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