Satsang with the helpless child

One part of my psyche is the helpless child, and it visits now and then.

It’s another reminder that my habitual pattern may be to run away from some parts of me, and how much of a relief it is to instead hold satsang with it. At the very first, there may be some fears coming up. What are you doing? This is not a good part. Run away from it! I meet these in satsang, and then return to the helpless child. And when I do, there is relief, relaxation, a sense of coming home. The helpless child is met, understood, loved, listened to. It returns home to love, to being an integral and more mature part of the psyche. I experience the same. And in love, this part of me is recognized as a part. In love, it’s respected, listened to, met with understanding, and it doesn’t run the show. That too is a relief for this part, and for me as a whole.

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