Sincerity in Satsang

As with much else, holding satsang with parts of me be a little formulaic.

And it can also be very sincere. For me, I notice it seems to become more sincere over time.

Here are some examples of how I find sincerity:

You are welcome here. (To the part.) It’s already welcome, it’s already allowed. When I notice that, it’s easier to find a sincere welcome. It’s a conscious alignment with reality.

Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for your devotion to me. Thank you for your love for me. When I notice it’s here to protect me (an image of me), and it’s deep devotion to and love for me, it’s easier to find genuine gratitude for it.

How would you like me to be with you? This gives a sense of balance between the “two” of us, a sense of mutuality. The question tends to evoke in me how it wishes me to be with it, and it feels good. It feels respectful and kind.

What do you long for? What would satisfy you forever? This question tends to evoke what it longs for, and it feels good. There is a relaxation. Contentment.

Thank you for your strength. Your strength is welcome here. There is a strength in these parts of me, and noticing that, there is a natural gratitude and welcome for it.

What are you really? This is an invitation for the part (subpersonality, aspect of my psyche) to explore what it really is. And again, this exploration feels good and what’s found feels good. There is a relaxation here.

Another aspect of this is notice when fear comes up (a thought may label it resistance, hesitation, insincerity), and hold satsang with that fear as well.

This satsang is mind (Spirit, awakeness, presence) meeting itself. Exploring itself. Inviting itself to take a closer look. Inviting itself to meet itself with kindness and understanding, and notice what it really is.


– welcome, notice it’s already welcome
– thank you, notice it’s here to protect me, it’s devoted to me
– ask it how it would like me to be with it, b/c feels good, right, a balance between us, mutuality
– ask it what would satisfy it forever, b/c is innocent, Spirit,
– thank it for its strength, welcome that strength
– mutuality, what it wishes is what i wishes, cooperation, appearances of Spirit


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