Working on knot in belly

I woke up several times last night, briefly, noticing activity in the center of my belly, the tan tien area.

There was a sense of an intelligence working on a central knot in the belly.

I had asked my angels/guides to support me the evening before, around a specific topic. Perhaps there is a connection.

In any case, it’s interesting., and it’s all just a story – images in my own mind offering innocent suggestions about what it may be, what it may mean, etc.

Note: What do I mean by angels and guides? For me, it is a presence I seem to notice. And at the same time, it’s clearly something happening within and as awakeness, as anything else. It’s an “other” in a conventional sense, and not in a more real sense. It’s an image and a label created by thoughts, an innocent question and suggestion. It’s a projection of what’s here in an ordinary human sense. And, as mentioned first, it’s happening within and as awakeness just as any other content of experience.

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