A belief in absence of love

When I do inquiry, I see that many (all?) beliefs goes back to an underlying belief in the absence of love.

I am unlovable. I am unloved. He/she/it (my body, life, God) doesn’t love me. Love is not here.

When mind identifies with an image or a thought, it’s less easy for it to notice that love is already here. That it is love.

And when identification softens or is released out of these images and thoughts, love is revealed as what’s already here.

It’s quite similar when I hold satsang with parts of my psyche. When they suffer, it’s because they perceive a lack of love. They believe they are unlovable or unloved. They hold onto images and thoughts as true and don’t notice the love that’s already here, the love they are. Being met with understanding and love, they relax, and are more able to notice the love that’s here.

As Barry says, love is the universal solvent.

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