Some approaches I find helpful right now.

 Heart Flame

 Find – in your inner sense/eye – the cave on the right side of the chest.

Find the flame there. The divine in the human, the interface between the divine and the human.

Fan that flame with your intention.

Bring the human – with its wounds, fear and beliefs – into the flame.

Feed it to the flame.

Or bring your whole human self into the flame.

The flame will burn up anything not like itself.

Trail of crumbs

 Notice where a fear, belief or contraction is in the body.

Notice which area seem most dense, dark and contracted.

Bring attention there and breathe.

Allow the breath to be your lifeline.

Notice if/how the sensations move and change.

Notice any images or beliefs behind the contraction.

Take these to simple inquiry.

Is it true?

What would Christ say? How would Christ see it?

 As it shifts and moves, and is perhaps less dense, notice what calls attention now.

Where in the body is it most dense, dark and contracted?

Holding satsang with parts of me

Notice a fear, belief or contraction.

 Notice it as part of the psyche, a confused and perhaps wounded part.

Then explore the following, taking time with each one.

You are welcome here.

Thank you for protecting me.

How would you like me to be with you?

What would be deeply satisfying for you? What would satisfy you forever?

What are you really?

If fear or (what a thought would call) resistance appears, hold satsang with this part too. Then, if you were not finished with the first one, return to that.

Then see if any other parts surface, wishing to be met in satsang.

The Work & TRE

 In addition, I still find The Work and Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (neurogenic tremors) very helpful.

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– heart flame – visualize/imagine flame in heart cave, fan w attention, bring body/mind into the flame, burn away anything not like itself (anything from beliefs, identification etc.)

– satsang – welcome, thank you etc.

– trail of crumbs – densest, sensations, breath, image/thoughts, inquiry

– the work

– tre

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