Barry & Karen’s pointers for following the trail of crumbs

Here is an outline of the simple and natural process I (re?)learned from Barry and Karen:

  1. Notice when there is a loss of clarity.
    • Notice when there is confusion, contraction, reactivity, etc.
    • Any signs of being caught in beliefs, identification, misunderstanding.
  2. Locate it in the body.
    • Locate the area that’s most dense, most dark.
  3. Experience and breathe.
    • Experience the feelings and sensations that’s there.
    • Stay with the breath. Make the breath fuller if needed. The breath is your lifeline.
  4. Notice the images and stories that surface.
    • After a while, notice the images and thoughts behind the contraction.
    • Ask what images and thoughts are behind the contraction. What fears are there.
  5. Write it down, stream of consciousness style.
    • Write the beliefs/fears down. Let them come. Write all of them down.
  6. Examine them.
    • Do you know it’s true? Do you know for certain it’s true? What would the divine/Christ (your higher self) say?
    • Notice what happens when you believe it.
    • Stay with the belief, still using the breath as a support, in the knowledge that the belief is not true.
  7. Move on to the next area of the body.
    • Move on to the area of body that shows up most strongly. The one that wants attention the most, that appears most contracted and dense. Follow the trail of crumbs.

In general, follow your intuition and guidance. And sometimes number 5 may be skipped and returned to later. Number 6 may be done as just a simple question: Do you know for certain it’s true? And all of it is done while staying in contact with the current area of the body and the breath. The breath invites more spaciousness and awareness into the contraction. And the whole process invites the contraction (knot, belief) to discharge it’s energy and be seen through. It’s recognized as a part of the psyche, an object. It’s not who or what I am as a whole.

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