Barry: There is a time to press against things

It often looks the very hardest before you break through. Just remember that when the chick wants to get out of the egg, it must peck it’s way out.  Same with the butterfly out of the chrysalis. It must work and wrestle against the containment.  Birth on this level requires effort. It is how our fledgling corporal ego develops.  There is a time to press against things.  Now is the time. You know what to do.  Sometimes you just have to go look in the mirror and say to your self that you do and your going to do it.  Years ago I heard this inside at a time like you’re in.  “I AM, I can”.  Then I realized that the “I AM” the Self/God within me is doing this and is omnipotent.  You know what to do. Remember that the ego self is grasping to stay in control at these last moments. It will dissolve but it puts up its last fight first.  It desperately wants to keep you asleep believing you are powerless and victimized.  Remember, remember, this is the story. This is the great illusion.

– Barry in an email to me

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