Bentinho Massaro: By truly wanting it

Questioner: “HOW do I do it? (anything)”

BM: By truly wanting it.

Everything is accomplished by desire. Everything without exception. If whatever you think you want is not happening it’s because you don’t fully want it to happen yet. Once you want it (because you see the greatest benefit in it with all of your being) then it has already happened right there and then.

You will find that you get exactly what you want, exactly when you want it with the full 100% of your being. Not a minute sooner not a minute later. Your outside world reflects you perfectly.

So rest assured that if something isn’t happening, a part of yourself doesn’t want it to. So it’s great that it’s not happening!

Now it may either be a wiser part of your consciousness that doesn’t want it to happen yet, or simply a hidden belief that suggests if it does happen, you’ll have to face something unpleasant that you’d rather not see happening. Find out which part of yourself is preventing the manifestation or realization you long for.

If it’s a negative belief, you can resolve it by being present with it and showing it that there is nothing to fear. Then the manifestation or realization will happen.

If it’s your Higher (wiser) Self that doesn’t want it to happen, you simply trust it doesn’t want it to happen because it has something better in store for you that is not compatible with that desire being fulfilled. Perhaps the lessons you’re learning from not getting what you THINK you want, leads to an overall far greater fulfillment somehow, somewhen than if you received what you BELIEVE you want.

– Bentinho Massaro

One way to explore this is by holding satsang with the part of me afraid of a good life, afraid of having what I want.

And by holding satsang with the part(s) of me afraid of trusting my higher self, afraid of following my higher self.

I don’t need to know the exact beliefs behind it right away.

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