Byron Katie: It’s all a misunderstanding

It’s all a misunderstanding. The ego is a wonderful thing to me.

– Byron Katie, Losing the Moon

The ego is a problem. It’s better without the ego. The ego is different from Spirit. The ego exists.

Who would I be without those beliefs?

And can I find where the ego is a wonderful thing to me?

It’s an image, an idea. I cannot find it outside of my images and thoughts about it.

Identification – which is another word for “ego” – comes from a wish to protect, it comes from love.

When some see this “ego” as a problem, that too comes from a wish to protect (to “get it right”), and from love.

The ego creates the appearance of universes and worlds, and although much is quite universal, it’s unique too. Each ego is a unique way for life to experience itself, even if it’s all created by taking images and thoughts as true. It’s a way for the infinite to experience itself as finite.

All of this is innocent.

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