Humility vs self-esteem

Humility is quite different from self-esteem.

Humility comes from clear seeing, from recognizing that what I see in others is also here.

Humility comes from love, finding love for what’s here in me – including that which a thought may say is undesirable or shouldn’t be here.

Humility comes from a felt sense of all of this, inviting feelings (and body) to reorganize within clear seeing and love for what’s here.

High or low self-esteem comes from taking certain images of ourselves and others as true. When the idea of better or worse in any absolute sense is held as true, we inevitably have both low and high self-esteem. One may come out in some situations and areas of life, the other in other situations or areas of life. We are caught on the roller coaster of high and low self-esteem. And we try to manage it. All of which is quite tiring, out of alignment with reality, and has nothing to do with humility. (Although recognizing and admitting this is happening here as it is in most human beings, that is an aspect of humility.)

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