If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

If you love somebody set them free.
– Sting from The Dream of the Blue Turtles, 1985

That’s what’s happening when I hold satsang with parts of me – parts of my psyche.

An emotion is here, or physical pain, or fearful images and thoughts, and I notice a contraction around it. There is tension and stress.

You are welcome here. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for your devotion to me. How would you like me to be with you? What is your deepest desire, what would satisfy you forever? What are you really?

In this, what’s surfacing is allowed it’s freedom. It finds freedom from being related to with a heavy hand. It finds freedom from being pushed away and rejected, or hold onto. It’s allowed its own life. And there is often a sense of it softening and melting. It experiences itself as seen, felt, and loved, as it is. It relaxes. It doesn’t have to change.

As holding satsang in this way becomes more familiar, and a new habit, there is a new atmosphere. One of respect, appreciation, relaxation, even a quiet trust and confidence.

And by setting these parts of me free, and seeing how much better it feels than wrestling with them, I may do the same for people in my life – including those closest to me, and myself.

I can explore this in many other ways as well, for instance through following “the trail of crumbs” (notice densest sensations, breathe, notice images and thoughts, take these to inquiry), The Work, exploring the sense fields, inviting the confused and suffering parts of me into the heart flame, and tonglen. 


– if you love somebody set them free
– also with emotions, fears, beliefs, contractions, physical pain
– and with others, oneself
– if love them allow them their life, set them from my beliefs, expectations, fears

I may first bring attention to the sensations and breathe, and notice whatever images and thoughts come up.

2 thoughts to “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free”

  1. Thank you.
    Just this morning it came to me to set myself free…and I notice a return to something ancient and innocent in me that feels deeply and sincerely tender and alive. There is remorse for having left it, and also understanding and compassion. There is also a strong intention and commitment to nurture this re-connection, and to breathe and ask for help from Christ and Higher Self.

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