It’s hate -> It’s love

It’s hate. -> It’s love.

Can I find genuine and specific examples of where hate (what a thought labels hate) is love?

I don’t often experience what could be called hate, but I notice something similar to it when I see (what a thought may label) abuse of power. When the US kills civilians and children in drone attacks, something stirs in me that has the flavor of hate. How is that love? It comes from a desire to protect innocent people from harm, and anyone from brutal assassinations. It comes from well wishing for them, and that’s love. It comes from a desire for us to follow international laws, which is similarly a desire for protection and from love. It comes from fear considering the harm that can come to any one of us, which is similarly about protection and love. To the extent I am caught up in beliefs here, there is a love for the images and thoughts mind holds as true. And it’s all happening within and as awakeness, presence and love.

And in the world, which mirrors what’s here, I can look at the Nazis or Hitler: He had love for his ideas and ideologies. He loved his own people. He wanted the best for his own people. His protection of his own ideologies and people came from devotion and love.

This love is filtered through beliefs, and appears as what a thought may label hate.

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