KL: You’ve been clicking the ‘maybe’ button way too long

KL: my sense
KL: having known you for a while now
KL: is there there is always something
KL: to keep you from stepping forward
KL: and i’m not saying this in a judgmental way
KL: i do it myself
KL: i can resonate
KL: there’s always one more thing to keep me from fulfilling my dreams
KL: to keep me safe
KL: does that resonate?
MoE: yes
KL: maybe i’m just projecting
KL: ok
KL: so from my view it’s not the opportunity that’s taken away from you
KL: but rather ‘you’ hesitating to step forward into opportunity
KL: perhaps you would get there better through inquiry
KL: hm…
KL: i should shut up
MoE: don’t shut up
KL: ok
KL: well, i think that’s all i wanna say
MOE: ok
KL: life is an invitation
KL: and you’ve been clicking the ‘maybe’ button way too long

From a Skype chat earlier this morning. It’s all very true, and I wish to look at how I stop myself.

This is a common pattern in my life: I am at the threshold of what I want, what feels right. It may be a relationship, a field of study, a place to live, a place to visit, an invitation from a person, an institution or life itself. And I hesitate. I stop myself. And sometimes regret it afterward.

What fears are here? What’s the worst that can happen if I move forward, step forward into opportunity?

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