Notes from own process

Here are some notes from following the “trail of crumbs” earlier today. This is based on the very simple process I learned from Barry & Karen:

  1. Bring attention to the area of the body that seems most contracted and dense.
  2. Stay with the sensation and the breath. Make the breath more full if needed. The breath will support you in staying with the sensations.
  3. Notice any images and thoughts, any fears and beliefs, behind the contraction. Write them down, stream of consciousness style, if needed.
  4. Take these to a simple inquiry. Is it true? Notice what happens when you believe those thoughts. Stay with the fear in the knowing it’s not true.
  5. Repeat, find the next area of the body that asks for attention.

And the notes:

Chest area
I need to keep myself small.
I need Barry to keep going.

Belly area
I can’t do it. It’s too much.
Between the eyebrows
It’s hard work.
Calf contraction – life goes out of legs, they are like “dead wood”. The whole body deadens
It’s not safe to be here.
Tiredness / numbness in forehead
It’s better to be numb.  It’s safer to be unconscious. It’s safer to be asleep.
You’re faking the process.
Solar plexus
I’m not as good as others. I am not as good as JG.
Genital area
Women don’t want me.
Point contraction in the rear palate
I need to hold on for dear life. (To any belief, any identity that gives me a position, ground to stand on.)

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