Rejected and included subpersonalities

As anyone who has explored this, I have noticed (a) that parts of my psyche can function as subpersonalities, as a partly autonomous entities, and (b) that they can be related to and interacted with as subpersonalities and a community of subpersonalities. I also notice that each of the function from their own worldview, and sometimes – or quite often – from their own beliefs, often initially formed early in life.

When one is rejected by another subpersonality, and this one is identified with by the psyche as a whole, the rejected one tends to live its own life, it’s on a mission (based on its own worldview and beliefs), and this influences the whole. For instance, it may function in a way a thought would call “resistance”, while its really just a subpersonality caught in fear and beliefs, and operating on its own, partly autonomously.

What to do? One approach is to try to get rid of or manipulate this subpersonality so the identified subpersonality (which appears as a me or I) can get its way. This may appear to work for a while, but doesn’t really work and does not work in the long run.

Another is to include the subpersonality, to meet it with respect, listen to it and take its wisdom into account, notice that its here to help me and comes from love (even if that love may be filtered through beliefs and fears). As this happens, and to the extent it happens with sincerity, the subpersonality may feel deeply relieved, it relaxes, it is free to offer its wisdom knowing it is listened to and respected. And one way to meet it in this way is through holding satsang with this part.

In this way, what initially may appear as resistance is revealed as practical wisdom, and this may be listened to and taken into account by the psyche as a whole.

For instance, I need to do my taxes and there is resistance. I may push myself to do it anyway, overriding the resistance. Or I may welcome and meet the resistance. Thank you for protecting me. How would you like me to be with you? What would deeply satisfy you? I may find that this part of me wishes to protect me, it wishes the best for me, it comes from love. I can listen to its words and fears. And now that we are more on the same team, there is a sense of pulling in the same direction. The psyche has a whole has changed its view, finding respect and appreciation for this part, and taking its practical wisdom into account. And the part feels respected and listened to, and allows itself to relax.



– rejected, lives its own life, on a mission (based on its own beliefs, world view), influences the whole
– included, loved, joins the team, works together with the rest/whole, recognized as what it is (subpersonality) and what it really is (divine)

– what a thought may call “resistance”, sometimes just a subpersonality caught in fear and beliefs, operating on its own
– when included, shifts, offer its wisdom




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