Unloved fear

I keep noticing that when something is unloved in my field of experience, in my world, it’s uncomfortable.

Why is it unloved? Because of mind holding certain images and thoughts as true.

And what are these beliefs? They may look different on the surface, but the basics of them is (a) something is bad (wrong, a mistake, shouldn’t be) and (b) is not loved, it’s unloved.

The first creates the appearance of it as bad (wrong etc.), and mind perceives, feels and acts as if that’s so. And both of them distracts mind from noticing that it is already loved, and is already love.

This also leads to attention not staying with the (apparent) object of these beliefs. Attention goes to the beliefs instead, or something else. And there is discomfort, at least at first, if attention is brought to the object of the beliefs.

So what’s the antidote?

It’s to bring attention to what’s unloved. Breathe. Stay with it. Notice it’s already allowed, it’s already happening within and as wide open spaciousness.

It’s to notice the images, beliefs and fears behind it. Make a note of them, write them all down uncensored. Then for each one, is it true? Can I know for certain it’s true?

It’s to notice it’s here to protect me, it’s devoted to me. It comes from love. It is already love.

For instance, there is fear and a thought says it’s about an upcoming life change. This fear is at first unloved, and there is discomfort. Attention goes to stories about it, or to something else.

(a) I bring attention to the sensations of the fear. I notice where it is in my body, where the body is most contracted and appear most dense. Attention stays with it. I breathe. I stay with it. There is a sense of it opening up. I notice some images and beliefs behind it, and take these to inquiry. (I am making a wrong decision. I won’t have enough money. My health won’t be good enough. Something terrible will happen.)

(b) I hold satsang with the fear. You are welcome here. Thank you for protecting me. How would you like me to be with you? What would satisfy you forever? What are you really? I notice other impulses around it, such as resistance to the fear, and meet that in satsang as well. I find how the fear is from love, and it is love, and the resistance to it too. The fear and resistance relaxes, through being met, respected, and recognized for what they are – love, presence, awakeness.



– unloved thoughts/images, emotions, physical sensations
– all of it, from a belief + reinforcing beliefs (identification)
– comes from a belief it’s wrong etc. + not love/unloved (so don’t notice it already is)



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