Billy Joel: Honesty

Honesty is such a lonely word.
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty is hardly ever heard.
And mostly what I need from you.

Said by myself to myself, or God (Spirit) to me, this fits very well.

I am hardly ever really honest with myself.

Mind pretends images and thoughts are true, and overlooks what’s really there. It overlooks the stress in holding it as true. It overlooks the validity in the reversals. It overlooks what it really is.

And that’s why I am not always honest with others.

And why? One reason is fear of what may happen if I am honest with myself (and then others). I won’t be able to be a victim anymore. I will lose the (illusion) of control through picking and choosing which stories pretend is true at any moment. I will have to face these fears. I will have to be honest with myself about the stories behind these fears too. I will have to find what’s more honest to me than these fears. I will have to enter into areas I haven’t so far.

Note: My friend K. shared the lyrics with me, and then shared this on Facebook:

Did you ever notice that most song lyrics could be reinterpreted as Awareness speaking to Ego or vice versa (if you are religious read: God speaking to human or vice versa). Life is just one big Rumi poem.

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