Adyashanti: Reality does not speak in shoulds

Get rid of the should. Reality doesn’t speak in shoulds. It’s not how it communicates. It communicates by an intuitive wisdom of the heart.

It’s not a should. That’s the conditioning, the super-ego that’s become spiritualized.

When you let go of shoulds, ego can become self indulgent. I understand it has it’s dangers, because one can easily flip into egoic self-indulgence.

But there is the possibility, when you start to let go of those…. There is a quietness…. Listening. Not for a should but for the spontaneous movement of the spiritual heart.

It doesn’t mean that the ego will like what the spiritual heart informs it of. It’s a journey for most people to get in touch with the spiritual heart.

– Adyashanti, part 83 of 206, Silent Retreat, Mt. Madonna, Nov. 2008

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