Adyashanti: Remain fully conscious as the fear reveals itself

What’s necessary is to have those experiences that got locked in your system to be experienced without going unconscious. Once that can be experienced without going unconscious – and I am not talking about re-experiencing the past because the past is the past, I am talking about the present, whatever fears are in the present – when you can stay conscious in the midst of everything unfolding, it releases out of your system. Out of your consciousness, out of your flesh body and subtle body. That’s the principle. To remain fully conscious as something reveals itself, open and flows through, that’s what releases it.

That’s the secret. That’s the mechanism. Can I stay conscious? That’s why this is really important to know, especially if you have had some trauma. If you experience something you can’t stay conscious for, if you lose yourself completely in fear and terror, you are just re-traumatizing. You are locking it into the system more deeply. If that’s the case, then that’s a hint, you need somebody who is really good at this,  so you can experience this without going unconscious, so it frees itself rather than locking into the system even more deeply. The principle is relatively simple at the bottom. That’s why I don’t push people when it comes to any kind of fear anymore. I have seen that when we are ready, we meet whatever fear is there. And if we we are pushed into it prematurely, we go unconscious.

– Adyashanti, disc 4, track 7, silent retreat, March 2011

This is one of the major challenges and invitations for me now, and has been for a while. As Adya mentions, I find that working with someone experienced in this can be very helpful. As can physical touch while staying with the experience and the breath.

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