Adyashanti: The wisdom was there all along, and a bloody mess

Trust the wisdom factor. You knew all along, somewhere. It was there, wasn’t it? That’s what I realized.

That’s the key, when you realize, the voice of wisdom, it wasn’t that it was absent, but it was very quiet. I didn’t value it enough, I didn’t listen to it. But it was there. Now you are listening to it, through the hard school of personal experience.

To me, what you went through, although humbling, maybe it hurt some people, maybe it hurt yourself,  it’s as much a part of spirituality as sitting meditation. Not that I am encouraging people to go out and do unconscious things. But it’s often a part of it, it happens quite frequently. It’s extraordinarily shocking to the person it happens to. Since it’s not talked about, you think something went terribly wrong. It didn’t, it’s just the next phase. Part of awakening can be a bloody mess. For some people, it’s not going to be that way. The more mature you are, the less likely it is to be that way. But maybe not, you never know. It can be a bloody mess. And that’s a part of it.

The wisdom was there, and it’s there more brightly now, and now you pay attention to it.

– Adyashanti, part 70 of 206, Silent Retreat, Mt. Madonna, Nov. 2008
Yes. Again, this fits my experience. I am grateful for Adya – and many retreatants – talking about it. It helps show that it’s not unusual, and nothing as “gone wrong” – even if it certainly can feel that way as it happens.

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