Adyashanti: What I value, what life values

What’s neccesary is to reorient what you hold as really valuable. That’s what causes suffering. When we value positions, ways of being, that has no alignment with life, with existence. Most human beings unconsciously hold as valuable what life doesn’t hold valuable at all, so it’s continuing clashing. What I value and what life values are two different things.

So what happens if you take another value? Right now, the value is defense, “I need to stand up for myself”. And I would say, “yes, absolutely, stand up for yourself”.  But what does that mean? What does it mean to stand up yourself, for what’s really true in you?

So often, standing up for myself becomes about the exterior, the ego structure, standing up for the me, rather than standing up for myself. See how different the values are?

The me is…. standing up for my boundaries, what I want, “you are insane”. That’s all egoic boundary stuff. That way of being is not taking care of yourself. It makes you sick. You are getting direct feedback, that what you thought was taking care of yourself actually makes you sick.

The world is insane. That’s the truth of it. Human beings, by and large, are insane. What society holds as valuable has no correlation with truth, no correlation with ones own unity, ones own divinity. The values are “stand my ground, I am right, lets go to war, lets go to battle”. It’s all complete nonsense. That’s why it doesn’t work.

What’s actually taking care of yourself? What’s the values of existence, your own heart’s values? Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? Do you want to condemn, or do you want to love?

– Adyashanti, part 74 of 206, Silent Retreat, Mt. Madonna, Nov. 2008 (not faithful/complete transcript)

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