Some things I am asking the divine (Christ) for…..

Meeting what’s here – including beliefs, wounds, pain – with love, recognizing it as love, as the divine/Christ. For the divine/Christ to recognize what’s here as itself.

Deepening connection with the divine/Christ through the belly, heart and head centers, and especially the belly and heart.

Strengthen connection with the divine/Christ, for the connection to continue to strengthen, be unshakeable.

To plant a seed inside of beliefs/wounds so when they come up, I remember to breathe, feel, connect w the divine/Christ, ask divine/Christ for help, relate to it in the way that’s most clear/loving/helpful.


Robust health and vitality, natural strength. For the body to find its way to health, vitality and aliveness. For the body to know it’s OK for it to find its health and vitality. For the mind to find its way to health and clarity. For the mind to know it’s OK for it to find its way to health, rest and clarity.

To have a good, easy, enjoyable income, abundance, no lack of money.

To heal anything frozen, paralyzed in me, heal any insecure attachment patterns.

To bring healing and resolution into my recurrent childhood dream about the witch, representing the mother wound. Find love for the witch, clarity, understanding.


Guidance, receptivity to follow the guidance. Meeting fear – of following guidance – with respect, love.

Recognizing – see, feel, find love for – that what’s happening may be as good or better than what I wanted.

Trust that there is a divine intelligence/love behind what’s happening.

Confidence. Natural confidence.


Finding in myself what I seek in others. Finding in myself what I seek – love, comfort, nurturing, encouragement, guidance, clarity.

Process: (1) Connect with the soul center above the heart, and the flame there. (2) Follow it up the central channel up through the head. (3) Asking. Staying with it. (4) Bring attention back down to the heart and belly, anchoring.

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