Jeff Foster: Just a moment of sadness or fear, consciously felt

Just a moment of sadness, or anger, or fear, consciously felt, experienced absolutely, profoundly savoured and intimately touched, not denied, rejected, pushed away or neglected, but held like a newborn, embraced like a lover, changes everything, for in the bosom of the very thing you feared was hidden the grace you longed for and dreamt of, in those private moments.

You will find no dark centre at the heart of sadness, no destructive energy in the belly of anger, nothing ‘anti-life’ at the core of fear, if you are willing to stay awhile. Imagined boundaries between ‘me’ and ‘my emotions’ dissolve, and there is only pure life energy, never divided against itself. Any emotion is the door-less doorway to this revelation, and our internal enemies were only ever messengers of infinity, ingeniously disguised.

Go beyond the positive and negative game, and touch life before it can be named, before the question “Who?” is even imagined.

– Jeff Foster

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