Adyashanti: There is a trust that develops

There is a trust that develops. You know that even if you fall into an illusory state, you know you will come back to clarity. And trust really helps that to happen. To me, that’s the true meaning of faith. Faith in Spirit, in the dynamic quality of consciousness. It rights itself. And the more conscious you become of it, the quicker it rights itself. 

The more conscious we become, the more delusion hurts. When something falls out of your mouth that wasn’t really true, it’s like somebody is pouring acid into your system. When you were less conscious, you may have even enjoyed it. As you become more conscious, those kind of things become more toxic. To become conscious is to not live in illusion. Your consciousness becomes very sensitized to untruth. You don’t even have to worry about how something is untrue, because you will know. Your system will want to crawl out of it.

– Adyashanti, disc 6, track 7, silent retreat March 2011

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