I keep noticing that my brain seems to not function properly, and I also have that sense energetically.

In terms of symptoms, there is a sense of fragmentation of the psyche, and of the executive functions not operating properly (decision making, attention etc.).

It may have several reasons: (a) Leaving my guidance some years back (out of fear and a belief), (b) diksha (seemed to rewire my brain in a way that had unfortunate side-effects), and (c) chronic fatigue (often associated with executive function problems). The sense of fragmentation may also come from a great deal of shadow material surfacing over the last few years, including a range of subpersonalities operating from different worldviews and beliefs.

And some ways of working with it:

Connecting with the soul space and the flame, and asking the divine (Christ) for healing, resolution, your will be done.

Inviting in Ilahinoor.

Doing ho’o on the brain and the unusual (scattered) energetic feeling.

Holding satsang with what’s there – the symptoms.

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