Byron Katie: I create all evil

I create all evil. What I am believing about you or myself is the only evil I’m ever going to experience.
– Byron Katie

How is this true for me? What do I find when I look?

First, what do I think of as evil? For me, it’s when life doesn’t go my way.

I see that the thought of evil is all mine, it’s a label created by my mind, and held as true (or not) by my mind. I cannot find “evil” outside of my own world of images. If I have an image of it outside of my world of images, that’s still my world of images.

I have also experienced that when I look more closely at my thoughts of evil or bad or wrong, I find that it’s not as it looked initially. I have a thought that it was evil (bad, wrong) that I got health problems, see how I don’t really know, the pain inherent in taking it as true, and examples of how the turnarounds are valid as well.

And I have experienced finding in myself what I see out there in the world and call evil. I fit the description too.

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