Deeply wanted by the universe

I have had the thought I wasn’t wanted.

What’s the truth in the turnaround ? I was wanted.

I see that my parents decided to have me. They decided to keep me. They took care of me – fed me, clothed me, sheltered me, was there for me.

And  see that the whole of the universe wanted me, and wants me. If the whole of the universe didn’t want me, I wouldn’t have been born. My birth came from infinite causes, stretching back to the beginning of time and out to the widest reaches of the universe. And if God (life, existence, the universe) is love, then that love includes me and my birth and life.

Note: I have been listening to retreat audio with Adyashanti, and at one of them, a retreatant mentioned he wasn’t wanted by his parents. Adyashanti responded that we all were and are deeply wanted by the whole of the universe, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

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