verb 1. cause (someone) to realize that a belief or an ideal is false.

It seems that disillusionment is central to consciously aligning more closely with reality in our view. And it can seem disappointing at time.

noun 1. disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be.

For a while, it seems exiting with all the drama and juiciness of getting caught up in images, and the fears and hopes that comes out of it.

And after a while, as I see more closely the reality of what’s going on, there is disillusionment and these dynamics fall away – often over time. As mind sees that the value it thought was in illusion is not really there, the holding onto illusion naturally falls away.

I used to find excitement and a sense of safety in images of the future. Is it true that excitement is not here? Is it true I am not safe now, sitting here? Is it true that what’s here is not as exiting as my previous images of the future? Is it true it’s disappointing?

I am used to find a sense of validation and love from others. Is it true that a sense of validation is not here? Is it true love – for what’s here – is not here? Is it true this validation is less than what I would get from others? Is it true this love is less than what would get from others? Is it true it’s a disappointment?

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