From welcoming to inviting inquiry

It’s interesting to explore different facets of holding satsang with what’s here.

I notice that what’s here is already allowed. It’s allowed by life and mind. That makes it easier to find an intentional welcome for what’s here. To more consciously align with what’s already here.

I notice it’s here to protect me. It’s here to protect an image of me (as a being, a human) and I. That makes it easier to find a genuine thankfulness for it’s service.

I notice it’s devoted to me. I find gratefulness.

I notice it comes from love. It is love. I find love for it. I can meet it with love.

I ask it how it would like me to be with it. I notice I have pushed it away in the past, or identified with it. The answer is a shift in how I relate to it now. I notice it wishes me to meet it with (what a thought may call) respect, understanding, love.

I ask what it’s deepest desire it, what would satisfy it forever. I find the beauty in it’s intention and function.

I ask it what it really is. I find it’s what a thought may call love, what a thought may call awakeness. It’s awakeness appearing as what a thought may label [fear, anger, pain etc.]

Each of these facets have their own function. Each contributes to the fullness of the meeting and the curiosity.

Through this, I find the quiet joy in acting as a sage in meeting what’s here. How can I be of service? How are you in service of life?

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