Going into any story can be a protection

I keep seeing how my mind can go into any story as a protection against (a) being with or opening to what’s here (noticing it’s already allowed), and (b) identifying and inquiring into beliefs.

For instance, an experience is here, and mind may get caught up in thoughts such as “heartache”, “I lost something wonderful”, “I am not loved”, “it will always be like this”. Even the simplest label can be a protection against opening to what’s here, and noticing it’s already allowed. And even the simplest label can be a protection against noticing the beliefs behind it, and inquiring into these to see what’s more true. It becomes a protection when mind gets caught up in any story, and holds onto it as true.

I also see it’s innocent. It comes from a desire to protect the me – this image of a me as a being, a human being. It comes from devotion for this image of me. It comes from pure love for this image of me. And it comes from a slight misunderstanding, a slight misperception. There is some validity to the idea of protecting the me, and yet something else is as or more true. As Pamela Wilson says, it’s worried love.

And really, it’s reality protecting itself against noticing itself as it is. It’s reality holding onto the idea of a me and I as real, as a being, an object in the world.

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