Meeting what’s here with love

I keep noticing and exploring this:

For me, there was initially a “global” clarity where reality noticed itself. That which is and goes beyond all that is woke up to itself, still functioning through this human self. Then, there was a honey moon phase that lasted for several years. And then the beginning of the dark night of the soul, gradually and then quite intense and complete. And this dark night is an invitation for the different parts of the psyche to align with reality, and recognize themselves as reality. There is an invitation to recognize these parts as love, meet them with respect and love, and invite these to recognize their deepest longing and what they really are.

And that’s a process which can be very helpful at any time. A part of the psyche comes up, and it’s in pain because a belief says it’s something to push away or cling to. The part feels isolated and rejected, because it is, so when it surfaces “I” – the whole – experience the pain of that isolation and rejection. So the remedy is to notice it’s already allowed, welcome it, thank it for protecting, finding curiosity about how it protects and what it protects (the image of a me or I), asking it how it would like me to meet it, ask it what it’s deepest desire it – what would satisfy it forever, and invite it to explore what it really is (what a thought may label awakeness). When this part feels respected and loved, and recognizes who it is (it’s deepest desire) and what it is (awakeness), the whole experiences this love and respect. The part and the whole allows itself to relax. There is a sense of well being and contentment.

This is a practical, simple way of giving ourselves what we seek in others. It’s a practical, simple way of exploring “unconditional” love. How is it to welcome what’s here? Recognize it’s here to protect me? Recognize it’s love? Notice my own love for it? Meet it with respect? Ask it what it’s deepest desire is? Ask it what it really is.

Another question is, how does this influence how I relate to the wider world? How is it when I find more familiarity with meeting what comes up in me in this way? To be a sage holding satsang with what’s here? How is it when I recognize that the wider world is not different? That it’s all part of my world of images? All this awakeness? That which allows this awakeness and its many forms?

One thing is a global clarity. Another is to welcome and invite all the parts of the psyche to find this clarity for themselves. Realign with this clarity, with reality.


– what (what’s here), how (satsang etc. as a temporary guide, as learning the scales)
– any image/story, happening within my world, there to protect me (the identification is there to protect me)

– when the part is avoided, seen as bad, then feel rejected, isolated, and i do too
– when met with love, feel loved, seen, met, and I do too


A practical, simple way to give myself (aspects of the psyche, fragmented, wounded, lost) what i want and seek
A way to to explore/live unconditioned love
Applies to the whole field of awareness, my whole world
Any stressful image, an attempt to protect, from love, worried love

What comes up –
A) meet w rejection, beliefs blocking aw of love, then discomfort, suffering (the part suffer, i suffer)
B) meet w love, respect, thankfulness etc, then part feels respected, lived,so i do too
Very simple…. Practical, obvious when recognized and lived, all i ever wanted and sought

Meet w love, whether “global” clarity or not




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