I keep noticing and being curious about projections.

Something is here in my experience, my field of awareness , for instance a feeling, emotion, images, thoughts.

Another thought comes in and labels it, for instance fear, sadness, joy, generosity.

And yet another image or thought locates it, either in me or someone else.

Of course, it’s all happening within my own field of awareness. It’s all me. Even if an image or thought says “it belongs to him” it’s still all me.

It’s a projection in two main ways. A thought may say it belongs to someone else or the wider world, and yet…..

Looking at the content of the story, I can find examples of how it applies to me as a human being in the world.

It’s all – the images and stories and what they refer to – happening within this field of awareness, within what I am.

Projections are very useful. We couldn’t function without them.

And it’s also helpful to recognize them for what they are. That helps me hold them a little more lightly, more as questions and pointers to what’s here in me as a human being and this field of awareness creating my whole world.


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