Satsang with dream figures, people in my life

I continue holding satsang with the witch from my recurrent childhood dream, and also with women in my life I have perceived that witch quality in.

It feels very good. I see how my mind has created the image of the witch to protect (the image of) me. I see that what it desires is to be met with respect, understanding and love, to be deeply loved, and also met with gentle firmness (not allowed to wreak too much havoc). I see that this too is awakeness, the play of awakeness.

And I see I can hold satsang with my images of anyone in my life, or the world, and really anything at all in my world. Bullies from school. People who (a thought says) misperceived me. Illness. Politicians I don’t like. Someone who (I tell myself) hurt me. Myself.

These are all images in my own mind. Created by my own mind. And they are here to protect the image of me, at least when identified with.

Note: The witch image from childhood is something I have seen in women, and – not surprisingly – experienced from them. And that too is a good reason for me to hold satsang with it and see what’s really there. My sense is that the witch is also linked to grounding. Fear of the witch = leaving myself = less grounding.

I also see that I have passed up relationships that seemed clear and uncomplicated, and it may be related to this. Some statements for inquiry:

She seemed to clear and uncomplicated to me. (MN in SLC)
She was too clear and uncomplicated for me.
If she is too clear/uncomplicated, it means…..
I won’t learn, I won’t have material to grow/mature, I won’t get to see what’s left in me.

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