Ways my mind protects me

My mind protects me in many different ways. Or, more accurately, the mind protects the image of me and I in different ways.

Sometimes, when I intentionally meet parts of me that other parts think of as dangerous to meet and befriend, there is sleepiness. Other times, mind goes into abstractions instead of meeting what’s here, or looking at a belief as it happened in a specific situation. And in daily life, mind sometimes protects the image of me and I by rehearsing and amplifying stressful stories.

I see that going into any story can be a protection. A protection against (a) being with/opening to what’s here, for instance the sensations that goes with )what a thought may label) an emotion, feeling or physical or emotional pain. And a protection against (b) identifying and inquiring into the beliefs, as they show up in a specific situation.

This protection comes from devotion to the image(s) of a me and I, and from love for the images of a me and I. It’s worried love. It’s innocent. It’s quite beautiful. And in seeing this, there is a love for this protection. There is a love for identified mind. And that allows identified mind to relax just a bit.

Through seeing that this is all already allowed, getting more familiar with the dynamics, finding what’s more true than the initial thoughts and images, and finding it all as love and finding love for it, these dynamics – these parts of the psyche – may relax. They may find their own liberation.

They may find liberation from being struggled with, pushed away, held onto for dear life.



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