Adyashanti: These are the laws of Spirit

These are the laws of Spirit. Only when you don’t mind, only if you don’t care, only if illusion has a place in you forever and ever and you don’t mind, only then does it disappear. The fact that you mind it’s there means you are resisting it and that will sustain it. Anything in you that doesn’t want it to exist will cause it to exist. Anything in you that is pushing it away will cause it to be more present. This is like the law of gravity. It’s not movable, it’s not changeable. You can argue with it but it’s not going to change. This is how it is. This is what illusion teaches us. It shows us something extraordinarily valuable. 

– Adyashanti, An Invitation to Awaken Part 1, 17-19 min.

Illusion – in the sense of images and thoughts not aligned with reality – can be here. Even identification can be here. When it’s all recognized for what it is – as innocent, as coming from love, as love itself, as awakeness – then it’s OK for it to be here. Then we see it’s completely OK for it to be here.


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